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13 August 2012

"Apple iPhone 5 to have extra row for apps"

Apple iPhone 5 is likely to feature five rows of apps in the app drawer, instead of the four rows that were seen in the previous five generations of the device. 

A software simulator given to developers to make apps by Apple was used by 9 to 5 Mac, which found the fifth row in the home screen by altering the screen resolution. In the existing iOS, adjusting the screen resolution leads to extra gap between the apps, whereas an additional row comes up in iOS 6. 

The upcoming iPhone is expected to have a 4-inch touchscreen with 640x1136 pixel resolution. Rumours about the device have further gained credence as various images of the purported iPhone 5 have been leaked online, showing a larger display. The leaked images point towards a screen with 16:9 aspect ratio, which means the black bars that used to crop up when a video was played will now be eliminated. 

Other details expected from the next generation iPhone include a smaller dock connector, slimmer screen, and re positioned headphone jack and FaceTime camera. 

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