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30 April 2016

Apple says its iPhone 5 SE is the New Hot Favourite among its Customers

After claiming its first ever decline in the sales of its flagship, iPhone in history, Apple issued a statement saying its latest and cheapest offering i.e. iPhone 5 SE, which is the successor of its 5s lineup is the new hot favorite among its customers and is witnessing a fairly strong demand in market since its launch.While some believe that its just a pseudo fact on part of Apple to reassure trust and confidence of its investors in the company.

According to the reports of a survey done by a news agency among various retailers and suppliers of iPhone in different cities, it has been noticed that there was a solid strong demand for iPhone 5 SE within the first two weeks of its launch but then things changed for 5 SE and it saw a gradually and steady decrease in its popularity and demand.Same has to say by the companies which manufacture parts for iPhone from past six years.They say that there current frequency of shipment with the company is not like it used to be 2 years ago.

Although Apple now has a wide range of iPhone models to offer to its customers, but the total sales of its iPhones is falling alarmingly.And adding to the Chaos these numbers are coming from its two largest markets i.e. United States and China.If the reports are to be believed these two markets have seen a substantial drop of around 26 percent in sales.Analysts say that the current situation in the world is that we are constrained by the supply and so is the case for declining sales of iPhone 5 SE.

On the contrary, Apple on its site is notifying that the device 5 SE is already sold out within two weeks of its launch and a waiting of around 3 weeks is going now, and the demand is really very strong.

While some believe that the 8 percent disappointing decline of Apple's share in a day has put the company under pressure and its willing to regain trust of its investors by proving that it was just a hiccup/speedbraker and not a permanent shift to failure of the company.And adding to their miseries Apple's online mobile entertainment services were also blocked in china, its second major market.

Now all hopes of Apple is carrying on its much awaited flagship of 2016, iPhone 7 that will be launching in September's event of Apple. Apple is all optimistic about its new offering and is confident enough that this year's iPhone will refuel their cart and bring it back on track.

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