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28 April 2016

Is Apple Loosing its Charm? This Is What Tim Cook Has To Say!!

Apple on Tuesday released its iPhone sales revenue report of previous quarter, which stated that the company has incurred its first ever drop in the sales of its iPhones which resulted in decline of its revenue for the first time ever in 13 years. According to the reports, Apple has failed its sales forecast and is already lagging behind in sales this time.

If sources are to be believed, sales have dropped by a quarter and more in its two most important markets i.e. United States and China. Sales have marginally dropped on global scale too, which can be an alarm for the company. Its shares fell to a whooping 8 percent in a day which brought the share price below $100 mark and witness its lowest price since February.

But not Apple but Microsoft Corporation and Google parent company Alphabet Inc, also witnessed a disappointing quarterly reports.
Apple claimed that its has sold about 51.2 million iPhones in its second quarter as compared to 61.2 million in same quarter last year.

Although Apple analysts said that they predicted this decline in sales for this quarter but its a blow for the investors. Such a decline after eruptive sales last year has seeded fear in investors about the company reaching saturation which the company should surely work on eradicating this fear as soon as possible and show again its exponential growth.

And the only way Apple can get rid over this nightmare is by radically innovating more products instead of just improving the current ones. In an interview, the CFO of Apple said, that the massive success of iPhone 6 last year has risen the bar to an insane difficult level to match. On the other side CEO Tim Cook told that it was the saturation in smartphone market due to which the market was not growing as to the expectation and thus resulting in the decline of sales.

Cook also commented that it might be a decline for iPhone sales but Apple services like Apple Music and App Store has seen a substantial rise in its revenue by 20% reaching a $6 Billion mark leaving behind iMac and iPad sales.CEO also hinted that Apple is coming up with some new products also.

For the third quarter, Apple forecast revenue of $41 billion.


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