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25 April 2016

List of Features to Expect in All New Apple iPhone 7

With Smartphone Market flooded with news of Apple launching it's  2016 Flagship iPhone 7, rumors of its new features and specifications are sailing around too. Some of the most anticipated speculations are listed....

  • As expected Apple will launch its iPhone in two variants i.e. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in its main event scheduled in September.

  • iPhone 7 will feature a 4.7-inch display whereas 7 Plus will feature a 5.5-inch display.

  • We can expect a substantial physical redesign this time around.

  •  There's a huge possibility that the next gen iPhones will be deprived of the 3.5mm headphones jack, instead it will be having wireless bluetooth headphones this time.

  • 2016 iPhone's will feature higher battery life than its predecessors.

  • A higher screen resolution is also expected with pixel density of as good as 401 ppi.

  • The new iPhones are believed to be water and dust resistant. 

  • There's a buzz that iPhone 7 Plus will have two versions, one having single lens camera while other can feature two camera lenses syste instead of one to deliver DSLR quality pictures and videos.

  • This time there will be no 16gb variant available.

  • It is strongly believed that iPhone 7 series will be thinnest of all iPhones yet.

  • New generation iPhone's may feature USB-C port, like one in the all new 12 inch MacBook.

  • It is expected that finally iPhone 7 will have the ability of wireless and fast charging.

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can also be expected to feature a touchscreen with built-in TouchID.

  • iPhone 7 series is expected to feature next generation more powerful and less battery consumer processor i.e. the A10 chipset.

  • There are speculation of Apple introducing a all new feature naming the "Panic Button" to lock the phone and save personal information of the users, in case of theft or hacking.
So this was the list of all the rumors and speculations that are hot in the market.But again these all are "JUST SPECULATIONS". Apple may surprise all its users in the end.

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