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5 May 2016

Apple's App Store Down !

Apple's App Store is experiencing problems and is down for the time being which is making iPhone and iPad users unable to access it.

The search bar in the App Store is completely non-functional due to which users are not able to use and access the App Store.

If a user searches for any app in the App Store, it is resulting in a empty box where the search results should be shown.Altogether no search results are been shown.

Apple is apparently aware of the problem and is working on it to fix it asap. But Apple's official page says that its all online services along with App Store is working perfectly fine.

The problem is solely traced in the search engine engine of the App Store while the rest of the App Store is working just fine. Which means users can still download updates for their apps and find them through the featured and charts extension.

If reports are to be believed, App Store from past few months is working properly due to which its receiving huge criticism too. Complaints such as official apps not being separated from the unofficial ones is making hard to find the right apps.

Although the company is said to be looking after these problems of its customers and promising it to fix it. Apple is also working on updating its App Store and is on a move to include Ads and promoted results in the search tab.

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