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2 May 2016

Countdown Begins for iOS 10

We are counting down the days until the iOS 10 announcements are heard. Apple has tightened its seat belts and is all set to red carpet its iOS 10 in the upcoming WWDC 2016 event on June 13th. I just wanted to share with you guys the most anticipated and rumoured features that iOS 10 is believed to showcase and are likely to happen.

Talking about the support of the operating system, devices that are most likely to get dropped is the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 iPad Mini 1 and would no longer support iOS 10. In fact the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are most likely to be axed too. After facing huge criticism for launching iOS 9.3 for iPhone 4 and 4s, which made the phones sloppy and laggy rather than enhancing their performance. So this time Apple made a clear mind of dropping as much as its old models whose hardware have become obsolete enough to support the new iOS.
It is also most likely that Apple will be revamping its Camera application in iOS 10, taking a lot of inspiration from the iPhotos application.This camera update will enable the users to edit a specific area in photo that they don't like instead of editing the whole photo.Apple is making a whole lot of developments in its Photos App.

 In the latest update Apple will be soon allowing us to hide system's stock applications easily removing the glitch and will be easy and permanent.
And talking about Siri, she will be getting a huge overhaul. Interestingly iOS 10 will come with a unicode 9.0 support which will allow a whole new lot of around 74 emojis added to the list which is always loved by the users.

And in iOS 10 version Apple will be focusing on the control center too.After giving In the previous 9.3 version of iOS, the night shift toggle Apple is all set to upgrade control center to a all new level, in which they are ought to include Low power mode toggle enabling the users to customize controls in the control center. 
Apple is going to expandthe functionality and uses of 3D touch in iOS 10. Apple is also bringing the ability to send money through iMessage in its iPhones which is pretty good thing to cheer and is really cool. iOS 10 will also feature a smarter Auto-correct function. With iOS 10, Apple users will now be to see which contacts are available right now to contact, with a new application which you can enable or disable depending on you.

And the last and most unlikely feature to happen is the introduction of Split view mode or Multi-task mode in the the large screens Plus models, very similar to the slider feature available on iPad.
These are the most rumoured and likely to happen features on iOS 10.

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