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17 May 2016

Google Chrome, YouTube and Search, Now Accessible Through Standalone App- SPACES | DoctorTech

With Google+ loosing its charm day after day and dieing a slow death, Google is on an expedition on finding out new ways (apps) to enable its users to share content  online and hence promoting Social Networking from Google.

And the latest offering of Google to its users is an App for sharing content online and carrying out discussions on specific trending topics, naming it - Spaces.

The idea behind the app is to create a dedicated space of your interest or any trending topic and thus inviting your friends for discussion on the Spaced topic.
And the best part of the new app which distinguishes it from any other social app is that it consists of inbuilt apps of Google like Chrome, YouTube and Google Search which makes it a cake walk for the users to view shared content without switching between endless apps.

It's more into a chat app as it has a conversation view interface to keep you up to what your friends are discussing.
Spaces app makes sure that you don't need to exit the app and make your conversation flowing without interuption.

Google keeps a check on the app users as to what the app is being used for, might be any sports discussion or any TV show chats, somewhat like Pinterest but like it Google Spaces focus on a small social group discussions and activities.

You can invite your friends and people for joining the space through any social app of your choice as well as email.Spaces comes with a built in search feature which enables the users to search for any old shared posts on spaces.

With this move of launching the Spaces app, Google has once again made this clear that its focus is renewed  towards the emphasis of conversation within its apps. Google recently too rolled out a in-app chat feature for YouTube.

According to the official site of "Spaces" ,the product will be live shortly and you shouldn't have to wait long.

Google has stated that, a tool for small group sharing "Spaces", is rolling out today to Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web for all gmail accounts.

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