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11 May 2016

Review Time: Canon EOS 1300D

Entry level DSLR's have always made their presence felt and hence marked their importance in generating revenue for the company. If reports are to be believed, there's a whole new line up of customers for purchasing the entry level or basic level Digital Single-Lens Reflex(DSLR) Cameras and the line is Que is increasing day-by-day. In fact, entry level DSLR's are turning out to be the backbone of the camera manufacturing industry.

Canon EOS 1300D is the latest offering by Canon, in the basic level DSLR segment. Seeing the popularity streak of the predecessors 1100D and 1200D, company decided to maintain the success streak and thus launched EOS 1300D recently. Since EOS 1300D is the evolved version of its predecessor 1200D, hence the camera is loaded with a bunch of new and updated features from 1200D.

Build and Body

On holding a Canon 1300D, it feels sleek and fairly light on hands, which also indicates that it does not have a huge processor and sensor, which is quite acceptable as far as beginners are concerned. The camera also features an easy user interface and maneuverability, which makes it an ideal buy for beginners as it gives ease of access to various functions of the camera. The Canon EOS 1300D has a comfortable and textured grip, which adds to the ease of holding camera. Camera buttons are well positioned and well thought for easy functioning. As compared to its older brother, EOS 1300D is more compact and slimmer, with a premium Carbon Fiber Poly-Carbonate body build, though its not water resistant.
Apart from conveniently placed exposure buttons, the camera has dedicated ISO and White Balance Control buttons too.

The LCD Screen of the Canon EOS 1300D is much better than EOS 1200D in terms of resolution, sharpness and readability. The Q button launches a quick access menu for extensive exposure compensation and the video control button is placed on the back panel, beside the view finder.

Performance and Picture Quality

In terms of performance and picture quality, there is not a drastic transformation from the earlier EOS 1200D. The 1300D shoots full HD videos at 30fps (Frames Per Second), which is not that impressive when compared with its competitor Nikon's same segment camera model.Although EOS 1300D showcases next level connectivity features sporting both NFC and Wifi.

Canon EOS 1300D uses the processor naming Digic 4+ and a 18 mp APS-C sensor, which can capture 3 shots per second, perfect for beginners.
The ISO scales upto 6400, which remains unchanged from its predecessor. The focus is quite standard and basic for the users. Canon EOS 1300D comes with a default kit lens 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm.


The camera battery can last upto 500 shots, which are enough to fill a 8 GB SD card, which is quite awesome.

Final Verdict

Altogether, Canon 1300D is an impressive entry level DSLR, with a whole new set of features  upgrade from its predecessor. Adding to it, EOS 1300D comes with a set of both lenses, i.e. EFS 18-55 mm lens and EFS 55-250 mm lens with the kit, with a price tag of Rs. 38,995.
An ideal deal for budding photographers who don't have much cash in their pockets.


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