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1 November 2016

What all features Windows 10 is coming up with in 2017's Windows Update | DoctorTech

Microsoft is all set to roll out it's Windows 10 major Update in the spring of next year. This time company is all geared up to offer a bunch of cool features that Windows 10 has for it's users. With Windows 10 success, Microsoft is all prepared to keep it's success streak unbroken, by launching some of the innovative and useful applications in the update that is scheduled for 2017 spring. Right now the update is only available to the developers and creators, but after its official launch it will be made available to every Windows 10 user for free. So now lets talk about the features that Microsoft has to showcase in its 10 Update.

1. 3D Support in Office Applications 

Microsoft has added a 3D enabled functionality in almost all the Microsoft Office Apps. Whether it is a Powerpoint Presentation or a Word Document, there will a support of 3D Images and Animations. 

2. 3D Paint

Microsoft has planned a complete makeover of its classic Paint application by enabling 3D functionality in its interface. Now you can create virtual models and art pieces, by simply cutting and pasting from 2D images from photographs. The coolest part about 3D paint is that you can even scan 3D real life objects by using your smartphone camera and integrate it into your art work. 3D paint altogether gives you the access to design your own 3D life-like images.

3. VR Headsets

Moving on from its future virtual reality project Hololens, Microsoft has now planned to tie up with big tech names i.e. Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and HP for manufacturing the next generation VR Headsets both for high end Gaming and 3D applications and experience in Windows. 

4. Game Broadcasting 

In the new update, Gamers and spectators will be able to play and watch high end games in 4K with a support of 4k streaming of games on Xbox.

5. 3D Printing

In the new update there is a support for 3D printing as well. So if you have made any masterpiece in 3D, you can luckily 3D print it as well. 

6. Dolby ATMOS

Microsoft's Xbox One S which has an in-built 4k Blu-ray Player will now be supporting Dolby-ATMOS. Moreover if you have a music system, soundbar or a Home Theater installed at your place which has a support of Dolby ATMOS, Windows 10 will very well support it. 

7. Sharing made easier 

Now sharing pictures, documents, videos or any content is all a one click deal, as the new update allow the users to directly share anything with their contacts, whether loved ones or co-workers by just using the People application in the toolbar. 

8. Shoulder Taps

Looks more like a fancy gimmick feature, but maybe who knows might become one of the favorite feature of Windows users. Its a less of a emoji and more of a 3D stickers same like available in most of the messenger apps. When someone sends you this 3D sticker, it instantly pops up in the task bar with the sender's picture.

9. DIY Tournaments

Keeping Game lovers in mind, Microsoft has launched this feature for the hardcore gamers who can now create their own tournaments and compete with their friends and gang. 

10. And. It. Is. Free. 

Yeah. Windows 10 Creators Update will be made free for its 400 million current devices. This is not the first time Microsoft has offered something for free. It feels really great as a user to get the access of latest technology for free. Keep it up Microsoft. 

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