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10 March 2017

Samsung to "Relaunch" Galaxy Note 7 ? | DoctorTech

According to a report of a South Korean daily journal, Samsung is planning to revive it's Beast Device which unfortunately turned out to be the biggest flop and revenue eater for the company due to battery issues. 
Yes, we are talking about the mighty Samsung "Galaxy Note 7", which was launched last year and had some amazing specifications and dope features, one of which was the revolutionary Iris Scanner which was featured for the first in smartphone industry, on Note 7. Though there are no second thoughts regarding the phone to be one of the best smartphone device available in the market, with such an awesome and premium body design and Curved QuadHD display which made Note 7 the best smartphone money could buy. 
But apparently the battery was not that good to meet up the requirements of the beast device.
The faulty battery was the sole reason for the downfall of Note 7. Incidents of Flaming and blasting of the Note 7 batteries across the globe became a daily affair and made headlines. 
This thing not only dented the reputation on the company but also incurred huge financial loss of approx. 5 Billion Dollars. 

Now Samsung is all ready to relaunch the device with a much smaller battery of 3200-3300 mAh, which they have refurbished in the already manufactured million's of unit. All the features and specifications will be unchanged. Company believes that they have resolved the battery issue and is all set to relaunch the device at a cheaper price. 
Though it is said that the device will be made available in the emerging markets of India and Vietnam only and will not be available globally. Samsung is planning to relaunch the device somewhere in June, 2017.
Samsung's move of relaunching the device is clearly a strategy to minimize the loses to an extent and sell out the stalk of Galaxy Note 7 which were initially manufactured in huge numbers and now staking up in the inventories. Though Note 7 is an awesome device for a day-to-day use if the company has managed to replace and fix it's battery.

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