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28 June 2017

Facebook : 2 Billion Strong | DoctorTech

On Tuesday, Facebook officially became a Social Networking Site of 2 Billion Users. In a Facebook post, the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg published a formal statement informing the world that Facebook has Crossed the Gigantic 2 Billion users mark which means the number of monthly active users on Facebook are now more than 2 Billion. How often do you use Facebook?

Mark thanked everyone in his post and said that this is an ongoing journey to connect everybody on the planet. 

Facebook is also coming up with a personalized thank you message for its users. 2 Billion mark is not a usual number, this means that Facebook is able to connect more that 28.5% of the world population together and its really an admirable achievement. Though the android app of Facebook is still a nightmare for the phone batteries. Hope company will fix the App soon. 

CEO also shared some astounding figures like more than 800 million users use the like button and more then 175 million people use the love reaction button feature on a daily basis.

Company will also be publishing thank you messages on the use of various features on Facebook.
Facebook is growing at a great pace and is doing so far good to make world a better place to socialize.

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