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30 June 2017

Is your OnePlus 5 too playing up ? | DoctorTech

After the Global launch of OnePlus 5, the 2017 Flagship of OnePlus on 20th June, the company has registered it's highest revenue and highest sales in the first week of launch, that any of it's flagship device has managed to gross till date. OnePlus is no longer a new player in the smartphone market and has become one of the favorite company among tech enthusiasts. The vision of providing flagship configuration in a smartphone with affordable price is the key for the massive success of OnePlus in past couple of years. Though they are slightly moving far from the idea of affordable pricing with the launch of every new device year after year. Although the price gap is still considerable for the Flagship killer the company manufactures.

This subsidiary of Oppo Mobiles, is being attracting controversies from past couple of months due to its body design and camera setup. But now as the device is officially launched in the markets all over the world, the users of OP 5 are reporting some issues that they are facing on their handset. Some problems are faced by couple of users while the other are being experienced collectively, that the users are sharing on the social media. Recently, OnePlus CEO has made a statement that the company is aware about the issues it's customers are facing and our team has recognized most of the glitches for which the update fixes are being provided regularly and all the issues will be fixed soon.
Some of the common issue, the users are facing are :

1. No Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) in 4K Video 

The whole promotion and marketing of the OP 5 has revolved around the Dual Camera and clearer photos. Although there is no doubt about the brilliant camera quality on OnePlus 5 and stunning images that is takes with multiple advantages on the second 20mp zoom lens which is awesome if taking pictures in low light and also enables to create Blur Background or the Bokeh effect. But the absence of EIS if shooting a 4k video is sad.The good part to talk about is  the company will be bringing this feature in the 4k recording as well, through a software update very soon.

2. The "Jelly Effect"

Numerous OP 5 owners has recently reported online that they are experiencing a lag in the loading of information on parts of screen which is resulting in the annoying "Jelly" like effect while scrolling pages on various sites. Company replied they have taken a note of this and will we fixing this soon.

3. Wifi Issue

Numerous users have also reported an issue with the Wifi connectivity of the phone. Sudden disconnection or having trouble to connect to the wifi is a problem being faced by many owners.

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