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24 April 2018

Android phone makers to bring 3-D Facial Unlock by Q3 | DoctorTech

With the success of iPhone X, it's 3-D Facial Recognition Unlock feature became the talk of the town. While Apple missed no chance to boast about this feature at every event possible, smartphone manufacturers around the globe were having sleepless nights to get this next gen technology on board with them. But the complexity of embedding this technology is still a nightmare for every Android phone manufacturer. The integration of 3-D sensing technology needs a perfectly optimized software and hardware. Hence, companies will bring this technology not before Q3 of 2018.

Also the matter of fact is 3-D facial recognition technology can only be integrated with the latest Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 chipset module. And companies like Samsung which make it's own chipset namely Exynos is yet to test and optimise 3-D sensing technology with it's hardware and software, therefore has no plans of debuting it's devices with 3-D face recognition anytime this year. Companies like Samsung that prefer using their own chipset modules will have to work on their own 3-D algorithms and devise the working of this technology in their handsets. Apparently, Samsung will not be the Android Phone manufacturer to debut this technology. 

While the 3-D facial recognition is not an easy technology to ace, Qualcomm's engineers has successfully managed to integrate the technology in their chipset. So, it is believed that the smartphone makers which opt for Qualcomm's processor will be able to bring the 3-D facial recognition unlock feature to their devices much earlier, maybe by Q3.

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