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18 April 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 to sport an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor | DoctorTech

It's hasn't being long as we witnessed the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ and leaks for Galaxy S10 have already sailed through. S10 will come next year but what baggage of features the device will bring with itself has started surfacing online. Galaxy S10 will surely be not a device with fol-dabble screen as company seems not so enthusiastic about investing in this technology on a flagship scale as of now. Samsung wants to get a firm hold of this revolutionary technology and become master in it before making it available for the users in order to make the user experience smooth and easy.
Hence, we will see the same old Infinity Display Technology in the new S10. No doubt Infinity Displays are the best displays available in the smartphone market right now. Galaxy S10 devices is rumored to come in two screen sizes i.e. 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch following the footsteps of it's predecessor. 

The feature that will attract the attention of users and critics is the In-Display Fingerprint sensor i.e. like the Vivo latest Smartphone, S10 will too sport the finger print sensor under the screen. Placing the fingerprint sensor under the touch screen has always fascinated big smartphone manufacturers but none so far except Vivo has able to achieve it. Samsung too has got the ingredient now to place the finger print scanner under the screen. The accuracy and readiness of the scanner will be the key to it success. 

If some reliable sources are to believed Samsung is working in collaboration with a startup from Israel on 3D Camera technology. That should not come as a surprise to many as Galaxy S and Note series are known for their brilliant cameras and Photo/video quality. 

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