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23 April 2018

TCS Market Capitalisation Touches $100 Billion | DoctorTech

Indian IT firm Tata Consultancy Services reached the whooping $100 Billion in Market Capitalisation on Monday morning as Sensex began it's weekly trade. TCS shares have seen a constant surge in the prices from the day company has announced it's net revenue for the previous quarter i.e. January-March which was more than predicted. The frequent rise in the net earnings of the firm year after year has planted a seed of confidence among it's investors. The market capitalisation itself tells the mood of investors as well as market.

TCS had reported a rise of 4.5% in net earnings annually in last couple of years. The net profit in last quarter is reported for around Rs 6,904 crore. TCS is positive about the coming years as well. Company is expected to see a strong growth in the coming decade.

TCS is the only second Indian Company to hit the $100 Billion milestone. The first ever to reach the milestone was Reliance industries in the year 2007, which currently has a market capitalisation of $89.36 Billion.

TCS became $25 Billion strong in 2010 and $75 Billion Strong in 2014. Since than TCS has never looked back and continued providing premium IT services to it's clients and people around the world.

TCS valuation turns out to be more than it's four nearest Indian IT Competitors combined.

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