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28 April 2018

WhatsApp new update brings a whole lot of features

World's most popular messaging service app WhatsApp has reached a user base of 1.5 Billion people across globe, few months back. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook due to which is was also under investigation for the data breach that affected the users of parent company Facebook around the world. Since than WhatsApp is cautious about it's users data and that it doesn't get leaked or shared away for business benefits. With it's latest set of updates, WhatApp is trying to give a better and safer communication environment to the users. Let's go through the features that latest update will have ;

1. First things first, WhatsApp's much awaited and talked about feature "WhatsApp Pay", which is a payment transfer feature like various E-Wallets, is finally here in it's Beta version and will be available only for developers and testers for the time being. This new feature will enable the users to Request and Send money to friends, family and WhatsApp contacts. The payment feature in WhatsApp will work through the UPI ID or scanning the QR code of the user.

2. WhatsApp has now added a new security feature in the settings menu that will restrict Facebook or any other application from getting user's personal data. The user will have complete control over their data, if they want it to share it with Facebook or not. Of coarse this feature is seen as a repercussion of the recent data breach done that Facebook was involved in.

3. The Android users will now be able to lock the audio recording button on the chat window. User has to press and hold the mic button in the chat box and within 0.5 seconds a lock icon will pop up to lock the audio recording button. The user can record as long he/she wants without press holding the record button. This way you can actually do a audio recording without evening pressing the mic button forever.

4. Another feature namely "Dismiss as Admin" allows an administrator of group to remove or revoke the rights of another administrator without removing him/her from the group.

5. Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or an image/video received on WhatsApp? Well in that case one can never get those files downloaded again from WhatsApp as earlier WhatsApp used to delete these files from it's server as soon as the receiver downloaded it. But it's no more a problem because WhatsApp will now keep your files save on it's server even after the receiver has downloaded it, so that if the files get deleted it can be traced down again in WhatsApp instead of troubling the sender to send it again. Well Thanks WhatsApp !

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