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28 April 2018

YouTube Remix to replace Google Play Music by the end of 2018

Google is being struggling from last couple of years to provide a premium music streaming service to it's users. Though the company has been improvising lately it's current music streaming service, Google Play Music, but all the efforts and upgrades seems to be going in vain, as Google has failed to provide a music service that can withstand it's competitors. Paid music streaming services such as the Apple Music and Spotify has been growing in it's user base daily, Google on the other hand has failed to attract the users to make Google Play Music their daily music driver. 

YouTube Remix is Google's plan to take on it's rivals in the paid music streaming category. Company is planning to launch YouTube Remix by the end of this year and thus will replace it's default music player application from Google Play Music to YouTube Remix.

Company is pretty much confident on the success of YouTube Remix as the service will come with a whole new and refreshing interface. The service will have a smarter playlist with AI that will be customized according to the listener's preferences and likes. YouTube Remix will even customize the the songs depending on the area and region the user is. 

Google's upcoming service, YouTube Remix will create a unified platform for media consumers using YouTube, YouTube Red and YouTube Remix. Company is planning to discontinue the Play Music service completely by the end of 2018, once YouTube Remix gets in the market. Play Music users and subscribers will start getting the notifications for YouTube Remix by the fourth quarter and will be advised to switch to YouTube Remix for a better music experience.

Google's interest in the digital music industry and to capture a marginal market share can be understood by the fact that, digital sales in the music industry is seeing a substantial rise and demand is ever increasing as well.


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