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12 May 2018

Best Android P Features

Android P is turning out to be one of the most significant updates of Android in years. With Android P OS Google is aiming to make things more organized and fun for its users. Android P is loaded with dozens of new features and upgrades.

Android P focuses on making our smartphone less distracting and less stressful, by giving the control to the user of how much of their time should be sucked by their smartphone.

Google is not only changing the way of navigation on Android but is also changing the way we interact with our smartphone. Android P makes the device adapt to its user requirements with a cleaner user interface which is smart and offering a whole bunch of tools for smartphone addicts to help them disconnect at times. Google has some Best Android P Features installed in the new update.

Android P

So after months of speculations, Android P Beta is finally here with design changes, helpful shortcuts and myriad new features and available for free download. Google announced Android P Beta update for developers in its Google I/O 2018 conference, leaving the name of Android 9.0 still to a mystery. Going by a report from Android Open Source Project, Android P may be called Android Pie.

Since the Beta update is now public, users around can sign up for the Android Beta Program and help improve the OS by providing feedback to Google. Although Google has also warned beforehand about the instability and bugs vulnerability of the OS and that the user should not install it in your daily driver.

Android P Beta availability is on far more devices this year than last year's Android O Beta. The devices that will currently support Android P Beta are the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21 and OnePlus 6.

Android P is expected to be launched in its final version somewhere in August. And Pixel 3 will be the first device on the planet to run on Android P out of the box. Pixel 3 and XL are expected to launch in October.

Now lets cut to the chase, in this article we will run through the standout new features of Android P, and the fact that these features are still in their development, what we as the user can expect to see in the final version when it reaches our smartphones.

Android P Feature List

  • Support for Notch

Screen Notch
Screen Notch

As speculated earlier in myriad leaks, Android P will have support for "Screen Notches" or "Display Cutout"
A recent release of numerous Android devices with a Notch Display is may be one of the reasons for Google incorporating Notch functionality to the OS. 
It shows Google's priorities for its OEM's and upcoming tech advancements.

  • Indoor Navigation
Android P Features
Indoor Navigation

Android P will have support for Wifi Round-Trip-Time (RTT), which means now users will be able to navigate their ways inside a building or a mall. This indoor GPS style tracking will determine your location within a building and facilitate turn-by-turn navigation and help you find directions indoor.

  • Gesture Navigation
Android P Features
Gesture Navigation

Google has revamped the way you navigate through screens on your Android Phone.
In the new OS, there is an option now to use a single home button for navigation instead of three navigation buttons in the earlier versions. The new home button allows you to swipe up to view recent apps along with a UI that suggests apps you might like to view. Swiping the home button left or right enables you to quickly switch between applications.

  • App Timer
Android P Features
App Timer

For all the smartphone addicts, Google has this new feature designed for you to help get rid of the addiction. This new feature addition lets user set time limits on applications they use more frequently and on approaching the set timer, a warning notification pop-up on the app screen and the app pauses. The feature helps one to optimize their time properly. 

  • Wind Down and Shush
Android P Features
Wind Down

Many of us have a habit of using our phone at night while laying on the bed which affects our eyes badly and they start to pain. Well, this feature can help us by automatically turning On Night Light filter and Do Not Disturb mode on the smartphone at a fixed time. Shush will be the new Do Not Disturb mode on Android P.

  • Slices
Android P Features

Slices seem to be inspired by Apple's 3D Touch to an extent. This feature allows the user to navigate and use the basic functions of an app which actually opening it.
For say, you want to book a ride to a home on "Uber" and you search for it. Instead of opening the whole app and guiding you all through to book ride, Slice appears on the screen and shows you all the information including fare charges so that you can book your ride without even opening the app. 

  • Smart Notifications
Android P Features
Smart Notifications

The new and smart notifications panel will now enable the user to stop/block notifications from certain apps that you usually dismiss (often without even reading). The notifications that you usually dismiss will now have a 'red minus' sign on the right of the notification. Tapping the sign will stop/block notification from that app.

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  • Taking Screenshots made easy
Android P Features
Android P Features

 In Android P taking screenshots is no pain task. Unlike earlier versions where you had to press volume down + power button combination (or maybe some more difficult button combination) to take a screenshot and every time you ended locking your phone or increasing the volume, in Android P you will find the screenshot option in the power menu itself. So save all the trouble.

  •  Increased App Security

After the major security breach by Facebook, all big internet companies are laying more and more focus on the security of their users. Like that, with Android P, Google is too taking a big step in this direction. Unlike now, apps whom you give permission to access your device's camera and mic, continue to access it even after you close the application, as they continue to run in the background. The new Android P will block all apps running in the background to access camera and mic. Indeed a good move Google.

  • Alert for Call Recordings
Have you ever been recorded by your friends or colleague without your consent? Well if yes, it won't happen with the Android P, as it will notify the parties that the call is being recorded. It will play a beep tone after every 15 seconds to alert the other party.

  • Adaptive Battery Life
Android P Features
Adaptive Battery Life

Android P is being designed to give you more consistent battery experience. Google has embedded an on-device machine learning in Android P, that will figure out which all apps you will use in the next few hours and which you won't use until later in the day. This will not only give the battery a promising boost but will also optimize it for better use. Google has partnered with Deep Mind to refine its algorithms in Deep Learning.

  • Adaptive Brightness
Android P Features
Adaptive Brightness

According to Google, current auto-brightness settings aren't good enough and that is the reason why its giving phone makers a more power efficient way to calibrate phone screen settings based on the environment and learned behavior. It's the new Adaptive Brightness feature that Google claims current around 50% of the users testing out this adaptive brightness feature have stopped adjusting the screen brightness manually.

  • App Actions
Android P Features
App Actions

With Android P, Google is inserting more prediction tools into its app drawer. Earlier Android versions had a top row of predicted apps, normally based on your usage history, which came handy at times. But Android P, Google is going a step further with this and is going to read the mind of users (sounds scary?). App Actions will predict what you will do next based and learned from your everyday routine, and these shortcuts sit in a row right underneath the predicted app icons.

  • Screen Rotation and Volume Slider fixed
Android P Features
Volume Slider

Now you would be able to control the screen rotation manually, instead of relying on your phone sensor to rotate the screen (which almost every time does it when it actually is not required). Whenever you will rotate your smartphone, a pop-up icon will appear on which if you will tap, the screen will be rotated.

The volume slider is moving again and this time it's off to the right side near the volume rocker. Pressing the volume keys will adjust the media volume on the device, instead of ringer volume, that was a thing in the previous versions of OS. The ringer can be turned on and off through a software toggle button.

  • Dashboard 
Android P Features

Dashboard breaks down phone usage data to show how you spend time on your device. It shows metrics like the total number of hours spent on the phone each day, total number of notification you have received and number of times you unlocked your phone. The dashboard will help the users to minimize the use of their smartphones and apply a self-imposed threshold to their daily routine.

  • Lockdown Mode
Android P Features

It's another important addition to the security of the device. Enter Lockdown feature can be found in the power menu of the device. This feature will disable or lock down the fingerprint functionality in the device in case an assailant tries to get on your phone.

So far, These were all the features and upgrades that are worked upon by Google for its Android P OS. Though the OS is still in its development stage and will undergo numerous changes and tweaks. But everything gets boiled down to the fact that Android P will be all about these features and some more that are still about to come.



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