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14 May 2018

Lenovo Z5 Price and Specifications - All you need to know

Lenovo is bringing an "All Screen Phone" that the company has named Lenovo Z5. Unlike Apple, that boasted about iPhone X as an "entirely-screen" phone, but of coarse, only if we ignore that wide 'screen notch' which is unfortunately omnipresent.

In the recent times a lot of phone manufacturers are working hard enough to maximize the screen size on their devices but often end up leaving a small top or bottom bezel or even a notch ( screen-cutout)  to users expectations. All though achieving an 'All-Screen Phone" body aesthetics is not a cake walk for real. The roadblock that have restricted the OEM's in achieving this body design are the integration of all the essential sensors, call-audio receiver and yes your favorite front facing camera lens.

But now Lenovo has ultimately passed this roadblock and is all set to bring the "All Screen Device", Lenovo Z5.

Lenovo Z5

At least according to the sketch teased by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng on Weibo, that showed off a smartphone that is nearly all screen and said Lenovo Z5 is the company's new flagship phone. He added, the Lenovo Z5 would have a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent. He also said the device packs a total of "18 Patented Technologies" and has made "four technological breakthroughs".

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However Cheng refrained on commenting if or how Lenovo is planning on to integrate the front facing camera in the device. Company also did not made it clear whether the device is in production or just a concept for now.

The recent sketch of the upcoming Lenovo Z5 has followed the teaser released earlier of a partial image of the smartphone showcasing zero bezels. The teaser also claimed the device will have 95 percent screen-to-body ratio.

As stated earlier, there are couple of challenges faced while creating a complete bezel less phone (all-screen device). The sensors to control the device has to placed somewhere in the device and not to forget the selfie camera that need a spot too.

Apple tried to solve the problem of to a near extent by curving the OLED screen around the back of the device, but the notch still remains tight up there as a mood spoiler.

Taking another instance, where Xiaomi with its Mi Mix 2 has managed to keep the screen-to-body ratio at an impressive 91.3 percent, which is by far the industry's best. With all that, Mi Mix 2 still requires a bottom bezel to host the front facing camera, which is supposedly at awkward place to manage.

Similarly, Vivo's Apex smartphone has experimented with a pop-up selfie camera to shrink the bezels but apparently has to incorporate a similar chin to hide the OLED's display sensors.

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Not to stop here, myriad techniques have been used to get rid of these not so charming bezels, and achieve a 'bezel-less' designed smartphone. All of these human efforts have managed to make In-display fingerprint sensors, Ultrasound proximity sensors and piezoelectric electric earpieces a reality which which was first witnessed in the Xiaomi Mi Mix in 2016.

Lenovo Z5 is expected to launch with a price tag of $280 ( Rs 18,990 ) for base model and will hit the stores by end of May.

Lenovo which is already struggling with the fact of falling short on expectations that were made after it acquired Motorola from Google for $2.91 billion. The company is in desperate search for a smartphone that can get world's attention to it and thus bringing the firm on track. And with Z5, Lenovo is doing a pretty good job at it.

Lenovo has managed to attract the eyeballs all over the world with Lenovo Z5's striking design, but it remains behind the shutters if people are actually shrieking for a bezel-less device as the developers thinks we are.


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