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2 July 2018

3 Things to Consider before buying your next Smartphone

Buying a Smartphone today can be a challenging task for many people. Whether you are proficient at technology or a newbie choosing your next smartphone might land you in some serious stress considering there are so many great options available in the market now. Whether it's Apple or Samsung or maybe any new OEM like OnePlus or Xiaomi, all have some amazing handsets to their portfolio.

So how can one solve this puzzle and find their ideal smartphone that furnishes all their daily needs? Is there any such thing as Ideal Smartphone?

Things to consider before buying your next smartphone

Well actually no. There is no smartphone that is the best or ideal, all it boils down to is the user need and preferences. It makes perfect sense for an iOS lover to go for expensive iPhones but on the contrary, it makes no sense for an Android fanboy to pick an iPhone. Well, this doesn't mean that one operating system is superior to the other, all it means is different users have different interest.

The reason behind writing this article is to help make the selection process of your smartphone a bit easy and to give you a broad idea as to what all things you should keep in mind before purchasing your next smartphone.

Our quick five-point guide will help you in making the final decision;

1. How much you're willing to pay?

Smartphone Price

Not just smartphones but everything we wish to buy ever has a price tag attached to it. Price is a critical factor and can influence the purchase behavior of a buyer. Keeping a price bracket in mind is a vital factor in the purchase of your smartphone. And not just the price but the value for your money is a major influencer.

In general, Android devices can be purchased at a reasonable price due to the vastness of android mobile manufacturers that gives birth to more competition in that area. Android being an open-source platform cuts down a huge cost for manufacturers which in turn benefits the buyer. Whereas, iOS devices are not at all cheap and can make a dent in your pocket.
If your set price range is fairly high, you can go for both the options i.e. premium Android smartphones and Apple devices.
Budgeting your purchase is of utmost importance and should be done as the very first thing.

2. What are your needs for a smartphone?

Needs for a smartphone

Next important thing in your ideal smartphone checklist should be the needs that you want your smartphone to accomplish for you. Whether you are into taking thousands of pictures a day or a photographer, then you should go for a device that has the best camera in the segment, or do you feel comfortable holding a huge device or does screen resolution matters to you, or maybe you are a traveler or a hardcore gamer or a vigorous user of a smartphone then battery backup should be your priority etc. There are hundreds of such needs that differ from user to user.

Note down every feature you want in your next smartphone in accordance to their importance for you. You should be very much clear in your mind regarding the features that you want in your device and their day-to-day usage.

You need to find out the features you intend to use the most and then search on for the best options that pack all your requirements and is stacked in your budget as well.

3. Which Operating System are you willing to choose?


Okay, so there are a handful of operating systems available in the smartphone market namely Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Tizen etc (R.I.P Windows OS). Among this small list of OS, only two are worth considering looking at the market share these OS have that are Android and iOS.

Both OS have there owned cos and cons, but both have a strong user base all over. Whether its Android or iOS both operating systems have their fanbase and loyal users all over the world. While Android is found on a majority of devices, iOS is considered to be more secure and clutter free.

If you are a frequent user of Google Apps and find it difficult to work without them, you should pick Android. On the other hand, if you crave a more uniform, clean, clutter free and secure experience then you should go for iOS.

Although both operating systems are extremely easy to use and user-friendly, Android is more customizable and offers a huge list of customizations. If we talk about Apple's OS, it is believed to be fast and optimized for the hardware.

Both OS has a wide variety of apps and games in their stores, but apparently, iOS gives slightly better quality in terms of application experience. Plus, if updates are to be considered, iOS definitely wins the race. With instant software updates and longer support for old devices, Apple usually gives a worth to your buy.

Read this detailed article on Android vs. iOS for an in-depth insight

Bonus: Other Features worth considering

  • Display Quality
Screen Display is the very first thing you'll notice in a smartphone. Hence choose a Full HD Display with minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 PPI which gets super bright outdoors and has excellent readability, color quality, and viewing angles. 

  • Screen Size
There are three screen sizes available i.e. Small Screen (5 Inches or smaller), Medium Screen (5 Inches to 5.5 inches) and Large Screen ( 5.5 inches or larger). Thanks to the greater aspect ratio of screen panels available in recent smartphones that has reduced the body size and increased the screen size in a reasonable form factor. Bigger the screen, more battery will be consumed to lit the pixels.

  • Performance
A smartphone that hangs is not a smartphone anymore. If you are paying huge chunks of money on your smartphone make sure it is packed with the latest piece of hardware i.e. Processor, RAM, Graphics etc. Apple A series processors and Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845 processors are considered to be the cream of processors currently.

  • Camera
Who doesn't use a camera on their smartphone? Whether a selfie addict or nominal user all use the camera on their smartphones. A good camera is one which is capable of capturing amazing shots in low light or high speeds, is stable and can focus on the object instantly. You can check out this article on Best Phone Cameras 2018

  • Battery Life
Another important aspect to check when buying a smartphone is it's Battery Performance. Any smartphone living less than 10 hours after a full charge shall be excluded from your list. Battery performance has come on leaps and bounds over years. From fast charging to wireless charging everything has changed and got better over time.

  • Storage
With smartphone makers offering storage limits way up to 512GB and ever more, being stuck at 8 or 16 GB is a bad idea. Every App, Game or media files today are storage hungry and takes a huge amount of MB's or even GB's on your device. Settling less than 32GB in storage will land you in a zone of Storage Full Notification.

I hope these tips will help you in choosing your ideal smartphone and enable you to make a smart decision while buying your smartphone. What you guys think about the article and is there anything else that can be considered before buying a phone? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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